Summer of Fun & Sun

You may have noticed that I haven’t been as active on the blog or on my social media accounts this summer. It is not because I have lost interest in sharing my life and thoughts with everyone – but instead I have been busy trying to have experiences to write about.


Relaxing boat ride

Last year the weather wasn’t very great in Southern Ontario – lots of grey rainy days if I remember correctly.  As a result we didn’t end up spending as much time at the family cottage. We did however have a grand jetsetting adventure to Paris and Sweden (Stockholm and Sala). We had an amazing time and it was a vacation of a lifetime (although we still have long lives to live so I hope to top it one day soon).


I miss you Paris!

Next year we have some big expenses to plan for-our condo will finally be ready (YAY), so no big European adventures are planned. Instead we kept the summer somewhat simple-I got to travel with my mom to Edmonton and spend many weekends drinking and reading on the dock. We also have a quick trip to Chicago planned at the end of the month.


Edmonton had no idea what hit them!

I have always loved taking vacations-but I used to think I needed to save my days until there was something big. Now I know how silly that is. I have been having the time of my life escaping the city to the cottage on weekends, exploring Toronto and finding out so much it has to offer, as well as connecting with friends that I have neglected over the winter months (sorry everyone – I do love you all)!


View from the cottage

There are only a few weeks left of summer (I can’t believe it has gone by so fast). If you haven’t taken enough time away from work and responsibilities now is the time to book those vacation days. Trust me – you don’t need to have anything to planned, just take the time to escape responsibilities and enjoy what your city, friends and/or family have to offer!


Even Scarlet has enjoyed exploring