It’s All About Brows

My brows and I are in a never ending battle! They do not want to grow in full and even–and left to their own I would perpetually look surprised.

I am a big fan of Essence Makeup – they make great products at super affordable prices – and best of all they DO NOT test on animals. So when I was looking at their stand in Shoppers Drug Mart, I couldn’t help but pick up the All About Brows 4 in 1 palette.

According to Essence

  • With two different toned eyebrow powders, one brow highlighter, a brow wax and an applicator – this is the perfect set for shaping, filling and highlighting on-the-go
  • Using included brush, use spoolie side to comb through brows
  • Use top two brown shades to shape and fill in brows with light strokes
  • Use peach color to highlight under brow, and use wax to set brows in place

According to Me

I love this palette – it is great quality, works perfectly for my brows and (brace yourself) it is only $4.99! It is so affordable but doesn’t compromise on results.

The 2 dark shades compliment each other and help give a full brow look. The highlight really helps me fake a better brow shape than I have while looking natural. The wax just sets and seals everything into place so I can fake perfect brows for the full day.

You do not need to spend a fortune to find great products. If you are in need of some serious brow products at a crazy low price then definitely check out Essence All About Brows palette.