Revlon BB Cream – Perfect Summer Addition

YAY …. the summer is here, the weather is nice most of the time (which as a Canadian is good enough) and evenings and weekends are spent socializing on the patio.  This is my favorite time of the year.

I’m lazy in the summer – I want to maximize the amount of time outside and minimize the time I spend getting presentable.  Sometimes this means my appearance suffers in my excitement to get some sun in.

Unfortunately my skin is still dry in the summer (but less so) but the sun helps even out my complexion, so I don’t really need a foundation.  But I’m getting older so I can’t quite rock the bare skin as I did when I was younger.  This is where tinted moisturizers have always come in handy for me.

The problem I have found with tinted moisturizers is that they either don’t have enough moisturizing properties, to much tint or too little tint … .that and they don’t spread evenly.  Drives me insane!

While wandering the isles of Shoppers I came across Revlon’s Photoready BB Cream – a deal because they were offering 2 tubes for the price of 1.  I’d not tried it before so I thought what the heck?

I love it!  I love that it moisturizes my skin and adds enough color to even out my skin tone without looking like there’s any makeup on my face.  AND it even has SPF 30 in it!

If you are looking for something easy and lightweight to add to your beauty routine this summer it’s worth checking this product out.  It’s comparable to it’s competitors pricing but is far superior in my humble opinion.