Quo Blending Sponge

Cosmetic sponges have been a game changer for my makeup application, especially for the times I up my game and contour and highlight. After getting as much life as possible from my Original Beauty Blender, it came time for me to retire the sponge and get something new.

Having just purchased a house in the GTA I am keenly aware of upcoming expenses, so thought I would try Quo’s Blending Sponge to see if would provide me the same results as a third of the price.

According to Quo

  • Blend your way to a flawless finish with this latex-free sponge
  • It enables precision application of cream and liquid foundations especially around nose and eye area

According to Me

The Quo Blending Sponge is not as soft and absorbent as the Beauty Blender, and not as easy to maneuver into the little creases around my nose and eyes.

That being said, for an $8 price tag this little sponge works just fine. I find I get the best results by wetting the sponge and applying/blending using a dabbing motion. My makeup ends up looking flawless, and the more dense structure of the sponge makes it easier for me to clean.

If you are in the market for a blending sponge this is definitely worth checking out!