Sally Hansen Hard as Wraps

I have horrible nails – they are weak, hate to grow and love to chip, rip and break. I love the look of long strong manicured nails, and I often think that I should just get false nails and be done with it. Unfortunately for me I am stubbornly in denial that I can’t let myself throw in the towel just yet. My current go to nail hardening has been Sally Hansen Hard as Nail Hard as Wraps…and so far my nails seem to have gone from hideous to having potential (which for me is a big step).

According to Sally Hansen

  • Our breakthrough patented gel strengthener seals and hardens nails in 60 seconds.
  • Instantly strengthens soft, torn nails. Just 1 coat makes nails hard, shiny and healthy-looking.
  • Apply 1 coat to bare nails. Use alone or as a base coat.


According to Me

I have tried a lot of nail strengtheners before (including other Sally Hansen products) but so far this one seems to be the one that my nails respond to. I have been giving myself home manicures once and applying 1 coat of of Hard as Wraps followed by 1 coat of top coat.


One of the hardest hurdles I have with doing my own nails is that it never dries fast enough and I end up ruining it. When they say that this dries in 60 seconds there weren’t lying. I doubt I even need the top coat, but I do it because I am a disaster and band my hands and am hard on my nails – so ever bit of protection helps. Combining this with nightly nail oil and lotion hand massages have made huge improvement in the state of nail – if I keep it up I might even be able to have a fancy manicure of my own one day!

Still a long way to go but at least they are healthy looking