Mascara – for your Hair?

I received this product for free to review however that in no way influences my opinion

I think I may have now hit the age where I have been coloring my hair for more years than I have had my natural hair. I think at this point I have tried almost every color and trend possible.

Although I love being adventurous with my hair my main motivation to continue coloring is to hide the greys that seem to get more and more obvious each year. One of the challenges with coloring at a salon is that it gets costly to maintain, so I try to do to everything I can to have my color last as long as possible.

When Chickadvisor Product Review Club sent me Schwarzkopf Hair Mascara to review I was very hopeful … would it be the product I have been waiting for to help increase the time between colors?

According to Schwarzkopf

  • Precise applicator brush allows you to target and instantly cover grey or lighter hair on both strands and roots
  • Quick drying formula leaves an even and natural looking colour result
  • Temporary colour – washes out after 1 shampoo
  • Available in 5 shades: Black, Medium Brown, Chocolate Brown, Dark Blonde, Dark Brown

According to Me

This product is something that has definitely been missing in my life! What a great way to keep your greys at bay between color appointments. I love that I can easily hide the greys around the hairline …. I used to just pluck them out before (I know I know that’s not a good approach).

It’s simple to use (just like eye mascara) and blends naturally with the rest of your hair. It does dry quick – but not immediately so exercise patience and don’t touch for 10 min or so. Also if you get caught in the rain (or in my case snow) it can make it wet again so be careful when running your hands through your hair.

This is an affordable and easy product to help lengthen the life of your color. Even if you don’t color your hair and have a few greys making their appearance this product will hide them for a night out.