Dream Urban Cover Foundation

As I get older I am more and more concerned about taking care of my skin. One of my main concerns is protecting myself from the sun- since I am prone to getting unattractive dark brown sun spots otherwise.

When I was out shopping around I came across Maybelline’s Dream Urban Cover foundation – which boasts broad-spectrum SPF 50 and antioxidants to protect against pollution – and thought that I should give it a shot.

According to Maybelline

  • Lightweight foundation that provides full-coverage to cover imperfections
  • SPF 50 and rich in antioxidants to protect against pollution
  • Leaves a natural-looking finish but protects skin day after day

According to Me

I really really really wanted to love this foundation – but unfortunately for me it is just OK. I agree that it is a lightweight foundation, but do not think I would describe it as full coverage. It really only works to even out my skin when I have minor discoloration. Any real redness, darkness or blemish coverage requires another product with a bit more pigment.

Although rich with antioxidants I find this foundation surprisingly drying. I think it is OK for the summer months but now that it is fall, with winter fast approaching I need something with more hydration-otherwise it goes flaky and patchy.

For anyone with dry skin I think there are superior products on the market – so I would suggest you pass on this foundation. Am curious to hear the opinions of anyone with normal or oily skin who has tried this foundation – were the results better?