Paris Hilton 2 Sided Silicone Blender

I am a big fan of the Original Beauty Blender, but hate how challenging it is to keep it clean. So when I was given a package of Paris Hilton’s 2 sided silicone blenders as a gift, I was pretty excited as the idea of a blender that was easy to clean!


I find that a little does go a long way with silicone blenders – I think it’s because unlike a sponge or a brush, silicone doesn’t absorb the product.

Unfortunately silicone onto skin doesn’t apply foundation that well – it  just spreads it around. I needed to use the soft felt side to blend the foundation in, which is an extra step when compared to sponges or brushes.  These seem to work best for stick or liquid blushes – or really any products that you want some colour contrast.


These are super easy to clean which is always a great thing, but despite that I don’t think they are  a must have beauty product. They  come in handy and are good to have but brushes and sponges are still a bit better for an even and consistent product application.

I have searched the internet and cannot find information about these products. I actually had no idea that Paris Hilton even had a beauty line. If anyone can find a link to these for their sales pitch and pricing please let me know in the comments.