L’oreal Paris – Mousse Absolue Home Hair Color

I’ve been dying my hair longer than I care to admit … I’m also super upset that in my early 30s I already have sneaky grey hairs!!!!!!

Since I cut off all my hair over a year ago I’ve been upset that I waste most of the home hair dye kit because I don’t need it all – which is why I was thrilled when L’Oreal came out with the reusable home hair dye – Mousse Absolue!

According to L’Oreal:

  • Revolutionary! Mousse Absolue is the first ready-to-use and reusable haircolour that offers multiple applications, ideal for root touch-ups or a second full application.
  • Shake to prepare and in one simple push, colour is automatically blended into a smooth foam that is as easy to apply as shampoo. Mousse Absolue provides freshly infused multi-tonal colour for 8 weeks of brilliance with perfect grey coverage! Available in a unique range of 14 designer shades.
  • No mixing, just shake to prepare. In one simple push, colour is automatically blended into a smooth foam for easy application.

According to Me:

  • Goes on really easy!  The mousse really is a no drip hair color mousse. Usually I make a giant mess when dying my hair so this was a pleasant change
  • The chemical smell is TERRIBLE! I had to have the fan going and I still felt like some of my nose hairs burned off
  • Really gentle on your hair – which is surprising because the smell is so potent
  • Covers well and evenly
  • NOT a rich color – at least the red I chose.  Really added a hint of red, but I wouldn’t say it changed my hair color at all.  Slightly disappointed about this – however I suspect that if I continue over time I will get the desired color.  I know what they say on the box never turns out but this was pretty poor performance if you are seriously looking to change your hair color when compared to other hair dyes.

Overall the reusable product, the even color, the ease of application still makes this a win in my books.  I’m not too concerned with “going super red” but if I was then this product would be a fail.  So I guess it depends on what you are looking for.  To cover greys and freshen up your color you won’t go wrong with this (make sure you color in a well ventilated bathroom though) – especially if you have shorter hair.


The color I chose


Before shot (OMG look how tired I look)


Foamy goodness!


What the color was supposed to be according to the box


After shot – I look super EMO/Hipster … I’m not though