Getting a “Toronto” look with NYX

I am a Toronto girl through and through! Even as a child I knew that I was going to end up living in this city. Sometimes I think Toronto doesn’t always get the credit it deserves on the world stage – so when I found out the NYX created some city palettes – including Toronto – I was pretty happy. I was even more thrilled that the fantabulous Beauty Vixen had one for me!



According to NYX

  • Designed to complement your favorite shades of Soft Matte lippies, each city-inspired set includes four velvety eyeshadows, one blush, one illuminator plus one color-coordinated Soft Matte Lip Cream for a complete, full-face look



According to Me

To be honest when I first looked at the colours I was worried it would be too dark and ‘vampy’ for my liking. However once I started to play all my initial reservations went out the window.


The colours look much darker than they go on, and the fact they the powders are so creamy is makes them a dream to blend.  The 4 eyeshadows work together perfectly for an evening out socializing and drinking cocktails.  I do wish that the highlighter was a bit brighters, but that could just be because my skin is so pale to being with.


The blush is a bit more intense that I typically wear, not over the top, but best to apply a little and later until the desired look is achieved. This also holds true for the matte lip cream – which is very luxurious and creamy feeling. My only complaint about the lip cream is that is isn’t very long lasting so you will have to reapply throughout the evening.


Overall this is a really fun, high quality and affordable makeup set. Definitely not colours you’d typically wear during the day – but for evenings out where you want to make a bit of a statement you can’t go wrong with NYX Toronto!