Extreme Hydration Concentrate Hand Cream

Canadian weather is tough on the skin, but is seems to be extra brutal for my hands-which are dry during the best of times but crack and get red during the winter months. Luckily for me I discovered Extreme Hydration Concentrate by The Chemistry brand from DeciemĀ this year and so far my hands have been better than ever!

According to DECIEM

  • Ultra-concentrated hydration complex contains five hydration active technologies from marine and plant sources
  • Provides lasting hydration to the skin, offering dramatic visible textural improvements
  • Expect results immediately, in 24 hours and in 10 days with continued use.

According to Me

Other lotions I find to be too watery and not hydrating or very hydrating but leave my hands slippery – making me wonder if it is even getting absorbed into my skin at all.

With the Extreme Hydration Concentrate cream it really does feel like I have put on a moisturizing glove. A little goes a long way and my hands feel soft and soothed without any residue being left on my hands. I really did notice improvement from first use and after regular use for the past 6 weeks my hands look healthier and my nails are even benefiting by growing in a bit stronger (theyra e still terrible but I think that is just the luck of my genetic makeup).

It does have a mild scent that I am neutral about – I neither love nor hate it – but that seems to fade quickly. For me this had been the best hand lotion that I have used, and for the price of $20 it really is a steal.

If you are struggling with sore dry hands I definitely recommend checking out The Chemistry Brand’s Extreme Hydration Concentrate.