Bye Dark Eyes & Thanks Tracy La Fonte’s Skin Laser Med Spa

Imagine being able to hang out with your BFF while getting some cosmetic work done … well that’s what it’s like to visit Tracy La Fonte’s Skin Laser Med Spa in Peterborough.

After getting our eyeliner tattoo (read blog post here) my mom and I headed over to Tracy so my mom could have a visit and give her skin some TLC.

Mom going first

After watching mom, I ended up getting the limelight laser treatment for my dark under eye circles. Melissa was the technician who provided the treatment – and she is so very sweet. Not knowing what to expect (and not having preplanned the treatment) I was going in cold. Melissa was knowledgeable and comforting.

It felt like little hot slaps across my face that made me jump – but didn’t hurt at all. The dark circles do get darker before going lighter – but it does go lighter. I think that 1 more treatment might actually get rid of them forever!