Liquid Liner – A Must Have in any Make-Up Collection

I love liquid liner, I think that it is the key to a sultry look and a clean fresh face. I prefer to use liquid liner whenever I’m not going for a smoky or heavier eye look.

That being said, a liquid liner that doesn’t live up to its claims can ruin your entire look – forcing you to wash everything off and start again. Let’s be honest-many people avoid liquid liners because they are unforgiving and if it doesn’t go on right the first time, it’s back to square one. Sometime’s you can get away with a Q-Tip and make-up remover, but most of the time it’s a wash and start over. It takes the perfect product and a bit of practice to perfect liquid liner.

The Revlon Colorstay Liquid Eye Pen is one such pen that ruined one too many looks for me. The black is more grey than black – almost like a faded tattoo color (worse than my old tattoo that I spent a bundle on to cover up). The pen tip is not precise causing the line to be thicker than anticipated and uneven. I’m not a fan of this product and after trying to make it work for a week, I actually took a month break from liquid liner in frustration.

However, the Maybelline Precise Ink Eyeliner has got me back onto my daily liquid liner use. For me this is the BEST liquid liner pen I have ever used. The black is black, the pen is definitely precise and the liner dries super fast. Basically it’s like using a fine tip gel pen on my lids – it’s that thin and accurate.

So, if you are looking to find a new favorite liquid liner or have never used it before and looking to try it out I totally recommend picking up the Maybelline Precise Ink Eyeliner pen. In my experience it lives up to every claim made in its advertisements, and it’s not expensive which is always a bonus.