Lo & Behold Beauty Spa Services

Guest Post from my fabulous mother – Julie!

In all my 63 years I have never had a facial, despite being told how great they make your skin feel. I find the hardest thing with these types of cosmetic procedures is being sure that you have a good the esthetician that you can trust.   When I got word that Laura Eccles decided to open her own spa (Lo & Behold Beauty Spa Services), I told myself it was time to give it a try. At first meeting, I knew she was someone I trusted and respected. 

My first impression when I walked into her spa was one of elegance and comfort, mostly due to the brightness and cleanliness. The soft decor gave a sense of calm, while soothing music played in the background. Once in the procedure room I lay down on a very soft treatment bed and enjoying the background music while admiring the artwork on the walls.

Laura explained every product and step she was taking as she worked. She began with an iS CLINICAL FIRE AND ICE RESURFACING FACIAL, designed to help treat aging, acne and hyperpigmentation by effectively polishing and rejuvenating the skin. Following a nice warm towel, Laura applied a 15-minute BRIGHTENING COMPLEX HYDROJELLY mask with a rose quartz roller. I found the warmth to be very pleasant, partially because I am always cold.

While waiting for the mask to do its job, Laura applied hot towels to my feet and gave me a warm oil arm and hand massage, followed by a foot massage. I found this to be very pleasant and could feel my whole body relax. Just before peeling the face mask off, Laura rolled the facial areas with the roller to ensure the mask ingredients penetrate the skin. Once the mask was off, she put one final lotion on my face, and I felt like a new woman. All-in-all the whole procedure was about an hour. 

Not knowing what to expect I was extremely pleased. My skin felt so soft, and when I looked in the mirror, I noticed a lessening of the fine lines at the mouth, as well as the fine wrinkles above my upper lips and eyes. Since my lips had been so chapped, so I chose to have the mask cover them and I am so glad I did because they were silky smooth after the treatment.

My skin was really glowing, and I loved the entire experience. I have already booked back into LO & BEHOLD BEAUTY SPA for the SKIN PEN treatment!

If you are on the fence about beauty treatments or are looking for an estheticians you can trust, give Laura a call. You won’t regret it!

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