Beauty Must Have – HA Blur

There has been a lot of drama in the world of Deciem over the years, but the quality of their products has not been affected, and I continue to be a huge supporter. The one product that blew my mind and quickly became a MUST HAVE is the Hylamide HA Blur cream.

According to Deciem

  • Instead of relying on older silica technologies, HA Blur uses an unusual new form of Hyaluronic Acid powder base for its blurring approach.
  • Hyaluronic Acid has never been used for this purpose before and renders HA Blur compatible with all makeup and all skin types, while the blurring effect is exceptional.
  • It’s so compatible with makeup that you can apply under or over foundation, or mix it with any liquid foundation for an ultra-high-definition skin finish.

According to Me

I love love love this product and don’t leave my home without it. Even without any makeup you can see an improved, airbrushed like finish on the skin. When mixed with liquid foundation the results are pretty amazing – smooth, fresh and even!

I have been using first as a primer and then mixed with liquid foundation to create a flawless look. I have dry skin and haven’t had an issue – but I find stippling on to be the best way to apply.

Another benefit of using HA Blur with foundation is that a little foundation ends up going a long way – so you get a longer lifespan out of what is typically a much more expensive product!

This is easily my most favorite product in my makeup collection and I don’t think I will ever be able to return to a HA Blur free life.

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