Sephora Collection Lip Balm & Scrub

My lips take some serious abuse with all the coffee, eating, licking, biting (a new stress related habit I think) and being front and centre for the elements (last week in Toronto was BRUTAL).

While Beauty Vixen and I were out and about we decided to pop into Sephora to warm up a bit and peruse the products. When we were looking at the Sephora brand display I gravitated towards the lip section and immediately was intrigued by the Lip Balm and Scrubs. After a quick consult with Beauty Vixen I took her suggestion and tossed the Honey Lip Scrub into my shopping bag.

According to Sephora

  • Balms nourish your lips and provide the following targeted lip care benefits
  • The lip scrubs soften and prep lips for a treatment or lipstick thanks to gentle sugar exfoliants
  • Each features a fun flavor and ingredients that suit different concerns
  • Helps lips stay soft longer (honey)

According to Me

Like the rest of my skin my lips are often dry and flaky- sometimes to the point where they crack and bleed. Lip balm is a constant in my life, but I haven’t had a lips scrub since the late 90’s when I worked at The Body Shop during high school and tried their Exfoliating Lip Scrub. I found that particular product too rough and too drying for my lips – so I was really hoping Sephora’s product was a better match for my needs.

After a week and a half of regular use and I cannot believe I have been living my life without the honey lip balm and scrub! The sugar exfoliates the dry and flaky skin off without ripping the skin or irritating it at all.

The balm is very hydrating and keeps my lips soft and hydrated throughout the day. I use the scrub on in the morning and evening after my skin care routine and that’s it!

The honey doesn’t leave a strong taste and I don’t find it sweet despite being honey and sugar. My lip liner and lipstick goes on so much smoother and I’m not sure if it’s in my head or not but I think they are lasting longer. Honestly for $8 you will thank yourself for picking up the Sephora Collection Lip Balm and Scrub. I want to go back and try the other flavor – Kiwi (nourishes and protects).

Let me know what lip specific products you use to give your pout TLC.

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