Holidaze: Be Legendary Lipstick & Lip Mattifier Set

It is one of my favorite times of year — the season of GIFT SETS! Despite the cold dreary weather I always look forward to scoring some great products that I might otherwise not give a second thought, at a great price. It’s like brands are creating personalized gifts just for me!

This year my Black Friday score was Smashbox’s Holidaze: Be Legendary Lipstick & Lip Mattifier set, a $137 value at a steal of $36 (Canadian).


According to Smashbox

  • 5 shades- Pretty Social, Honey, Legendary, 9 to 5 and Deal Breaker
  • 1 deluxe-size Insta Matte Lipstick Transformer
  • Get a double dose of your favorite lip color with Smashbox’s five most-swiped on cream lipstick
  • Each satin-smooth cream hydrates and softens lips and delivers one-swipe, brilliant color
  • Then, turn any cream lipstick immediately matte with just a pat of Insta-Matte Lipstick Transformer

From Left to Right: Pretty Social, Honey, Legendary, 9 to 5, Deal Breaker

According to Me

This is an amazing deal and the packaging is super fun and festive! I might pick up a few more sets for the beauty lovers on my holiday shopping list. The colors are great and good for almost any complexion, and with the insta-matte lipstick transformer you are really getting 10 lipsticks out of the set.


One Swipe

The colours are perfect for going from day to night during the holiday season ranging from light pink to a rich nude brown to a deeper red/pink/burgundy.  They apply rich in color with a nice dewy cream finish. They are not drying to the lips which is perfect for the cold dry winters.


I haven’t used a mattifier before so I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. All you need to do is apply a little onto your finger and rub over your lips (with the lipstick already applied) to transform the creamy glossy lipstick into a matte color. It is kind of like magic before your eyes! If you are looking for a true matte lipstick then I don’t think you can achieve that with the insta-matte lipstick transformer – but for toning down the creany shine this is perfect.


With a bit of the insta-matte lipstick transformer

They last as long as typical lipsticks so make sure you toss them in your purse to apply throughout the day. They also smudge a bit so you definitely need to use a liner. Overall I really enjoy these lipsticks and love that I can get 2 looks out of each one with the mattifier!





7 thoughts on “Holidaze: Be Legendary Lipstick & Lip Mattifier Set

  1. Smashbox doesn’t get enough love with bloggers but they are one of my fave brands. I am picky with lip colours so rarely pick up sets but might grab Deal Breaker

  2. This is such a great holiday set. I love the packaging and the embossing on the sticks. Smashbox makes such great lipsticks. Did you know they make them in Canada?

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