Customize your makeup with Mix Beauty Lab

I received these products for free however my opinions are still my own.


Last evening I was invited to Mix Beauty Lab in Toronto for some wine, snacks and an introduction into their custom foundation, lipstick and lipgloss process. I had never tried customized products before so wasn’t quite sure what to expect-but what I can say now is that Beauty Vixen and I had so much fun mixing our lipstick/lipgloss colors, choosing scents, adding features such as moisturizers and shine that the evening went by fast.


The result of the evening is that I got to walk away with a lipgloss and lipstick of my own creation, as well as a custom liquid foundation made just for me after a brief consult. I haven’t had much time playing with the products to compare to other brands, however my initial impression is that they are comparable to Sephora brand products I have used — but made just for me.


I have reached out to Mix Beauty Lab to understand their pricing-so stay tuned as I will update that post when I have that information. With the Holiday’s around the corner I think an evening creating custom makeup would be the perfect gift for any makeup lover on your list! Here is a link for pricing information:


Here are some videos I took:






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