Buying Canadian

I love my country and I am proud to be Canadian. I love that as a nation we accept and support diversity and look beyond our borders to step up and do the right thing (most of the time – I know we aren’t perfect).

It hurts my heart that Canada is in a bit of conflict with the USA. What is happening south of us is sad and scary at the same time. I know many Americans who feel the same way as I do, and I don’t want to paint the entire country with the same brush. However while the leadership of the USA continues down the path that it is, I am getting on the “buy Canadian” (or at least don’t buy USA) bandwagon.

This has been an eye opening process for me – I didn’t realize that so much of my consumerism is American. I am excited to support Canadian workers and companies while trying new products that I might otherwise not have given a chance.

Here are some Canadian Beauty Brands that I have been using and am very happy with (I may never switch back to my previous brands):

1. DECIEM|The Ordinary


I have heard a lot about this company but other than trying the Hylamide SubQ Anti-Age Serum and the hand chemistry lotion 2 years ago, I hadn’t had much to do with Deciem. I had been happy using Glossier Phase 1 set but it is both pricey and American. In my search for a Canadian alternative I kept coming back to Deciem.

The products I am using are much less expensive than Glossier, and are just better products. Right now I am using the following skincare products: the Buffet peptide serum in the morning and the Vitamin C Suspension 23%+HA Speheres 2% in the evening.

I am so happy with these products. Not only is my partner thrilled I am spending less, my skin has never looked better. My skin is hydrated, more even, glowing and bright. I am definitely keeping Deciem skincare products going forward-and I strongly suggest you check them out too.

2. Bite Beauty


I have been a fan of Bite Beauty since I first discovered them (post here). This Toronto based company is hands down one of the best lip cosmetic brands out there. I have been using their products for awhile (see reviews of the everyday agave kit and the matte creme lip crayon) so it took me less than 3 seconds to decide that this will be my lip brand for the foreseeable future. If you haven’t checked their products out yet you are missing out – seriously drop everything and run to Sephora (or order from the web) right now! Your lips with thank me.

3. Annabelle


Annabelle is a Montreal based drug store cosmetics brand. I forgot how much I like their products, but now I am regretting that I haven’t replaced the items I have used up (I will be making a trip to Shoppers Drug Mart very soon). Annabelle has great quality products at an affordable price … and are Canadian! I have done reviews on the CC Colour Control Pressed Powder, Lipsies and the Twist Up Retractable Eyeshadow Crayon but stay tuned because there will be more reviews to come!


Other Canadian brands that I want to check out

Please comment below if you have any suggestions on Canadian brands I should be checking out (doesn’t have to be beauty related). I am eager to support and explore some homegrown products because Canadians make some pretty great stuff!

1 thought on “Buying Canadian

  1. It is amazing how many things are made outside of Canada. Even some of the Canadian brands don’t make stuff here.

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