Dirty Hippie Bath Bomb

There is nothing quite like grabbing a glass of wine and soaking away the days stresses in a hot bath. I find that the days are so busy that it is only in the bath that I can truly get some “ME” time.

My nighttime routine usually begins with a good soaking – and a good bath bomb helps me to really relax and de-stress. When out shopping at Whole Foods my spouse was kind enough to pick me up a Dirty Hippie Bath Bomb by Pacha Soap Co to help me unwind after a particularly busy week.

According to Pacha Soap Co

I couldn’t find anything about this particular bath bomb on the company’s website – so am wondering if it was a limited edition find?

The company itself has a great social mission. The products are all-natural, environmentally safe the purchase of Pacha products help support the set up of soap shops, clean water initiatives and other sustaining ventures in developing nations.

According to Me

This is very gentle foaming bath bomb with a power earthy fragrance. It was a very relaxing and luxurious bath to have – especially with my glass of Pino Grigio!

Other bath bombs I have tried I found to be a bit drying to my already dry skin. I was pleasantly surprised to find Dirty Hippie to be moisturizing – I didn’t really have to lotion after I got out.


It is heavy fragranced with earthy essential oils – most powerfully is patchouli. If you aren’t into smelling like a hippie then you won’t enjoy this product, because the scent lingers on your skin. I like those scents so it was perfect for me, but my spouse was not as much of a fan.


Overall this is a great bath product to help you to unwind and melt away stress – and the added bonus of knowing purchases help support a great global cause!

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