Beating Winter Skin with Crawford Street Natural Skin Care

*I received this product for free to review, however my opinions are still my own*

Canadian winters are not only long, but they horrible for my skin. Every winter my skin is dry, itchy and cracks – and I spend a small fortune on lotions and oils to keep from looking an alligator. Not all products are equal – and each season my skin requires different types of products.


When Crawford Street Natural Skin Care reached out and asked me if I want to try the Maris Sal Body Polish and Hydrating Body Oil to help beat the winter blues it was like they had seen how bad my skin was! These products are great and with regular use my skin is no longer crying out for TLC.


Maris Sal Body Polish – According to Crawford Street
A gentle scrub made from a blend of detoxifying Dead Sea salts and hydrating hemp seed butter. Exfoliates your skin while nourishing it at the same time. With infusions of spearmint, eucalyptus, and basil essential oils, this body polish will leave your skin soft and your spirit light.

Maris Sal Body Polish – According to Me
This is a spa quality body scrub! It is very gentle to the skin, but it exfoliates and removed all the dead skin cells. It is also very moisturizing at the same time. The result is soft, smooth and hydrated skin right out of the shower. The Eucalyptus and Basil scent is luxurious and relaxing.

I also like that it is 100% vegan, and natural ingredients. A little goes a long way – but you want to be sure you use it all up before it’s 3-month shelf life is over.


Hydrating Body Oil – According to Crawford Street
A luxurious blend of natural plant oils that moisturize dry skin and leave it glowing.

Hydrating Body Oil – According to Me
I love the earthy scent of sandalwood and bergamot-for whatever reason it makes me feel refreshed and empowered. This is an oil so be careful when using because it flows out of the bottle fast and it can make a mess if you try and apply to much.

It’s very hydrating for the skin, but a little goes a long way. Also, you need to wait a bit for it to absorb in the skin – I often apply it on my body then brush my teeth and do my hair and make up and by then it is absorbed into my skin and I can get dressed.


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