Cupcake Bath Bomb

A few weeks ago I was shopping at Whole Foods and decided to check out what products they have in their bath and body section. On the shelf was the cutest cupcake shaped bath bomb from Hugo Naturals – it was basically jumping up and down on the shelf telling me to buy it.

According to Hugo Naturals

  • Our natural Fizzy Bath Bombs are infused with pure Sweet Almond oil and nutrition-quality Vitamin E to moisturize, soothe and condition skin while you relax
  • Pure botanical extracts infuse energizing, herbal, floral and fruity fragrances and leave your skin gently perfumed after you towel off
  • Pure ingredients and pure indulgence!

According to Me

I totally forgot how much I love bath bombs – it had been years since I had treated myself to a fizzy bath. The cupcake fizzed up really nice (and even better once you take Hugo Natural’s advice and run the faucet over it).  It had a perfect amount of aroma to make the bath super relaxing without being overwhelming. My usually super dry skin felt fresh, soft and smooth – almost like I had a treatment at a spa!

I have fallen back in love with bath bombs, and so far the ones that I have tried are not nearly as relaxing and indulgent at Hugo Naturals.


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