Getting my beauty sleep with Mediflow’s Floating Comfort Pillow

I received this product for free to review, however my opinions are still my own.

A few years back I suffered from a pretty serious case of insomnia – which was terrible for both my appearance, my mental health and basically every other aspect of my life. So believe me, sleep is one of the most important things if you want to look, feel and do your best!

When Mediflow offered to sent me their Floating Comfort Pillow I was very intrigued. I already have a regular cotton pillow and a side sleeper gel foam pillow; but I had never heard of a water pillow. In the published article ‘Cervical Pain: A Comparison of Three Pillows‘, the authors found that water based pillows were found to reduce morning pain intensity, increased pain relief and an overall improved quality of sleep. Since I’m slowly recovering from a rotator cuff tear, this only made me more excited to sleep on this pillow.

Mediflow_s Floating Comfort Pillow

According to Mediflow

“Nothing will benefit your mind and body more than improved sleep quality.  Our unique waterbase provides the support needed for long lasting deep sleep while the comfort layer of fiberfill or foam or down provides a soft, lofty top layer to help you achieve sleep faster and eliminate the need to fluff and re-stuff at night.”

According to Me

This is a great pillow – it’s like a waterbed for your head (but without all the weirdness of a waterbed).  I really do feel like my head is floating – I don’t even really notice the water base part. The pillow seems to adapt to my shape and support my weight without me really even noticing. It is crazy comfortable!


For the 5 days have been using only this pillow and have found that I am falling asleep faster, staying asleep throughout the night and waking out without any neck or shoulder pain. My spouse slept on it as well, said he really liked it — and I noticed that he didn’t snore when using this pillow (will take some more time to confirm if this is just a happy coincidence.

The only inconvenient part of this pillow is having to full it up with the water. The instructions are clear in how to get out the air bubbles – but I still managed to spill water all over myself. I think it’s a 2 person job unless you are a very coordinated person.


I am happy with this pillow and if you aren’t having the best sleep maybe you should think about checking a waterbased pillow out. Sleep is so important to our health (physical and mental) so it’s important to invest in the right rest products.

Tell me, what do you need for a goodnight sleep?


One lucky reader will win a Floating Comfort Pillow for themselves. Check out the Rafflecopter giveaway for more details.

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Photo courtesy of Mediflow 

19 thoughts on “Getting my beauty sleep with Mediflow’s Floating Comfort Pillow

  1. I actually put on lavender lotion before bed. The nights I do it, I “think” I sleep a little better but reality is I have a 15 month old..

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