Everything is Better on a Stick – Even Makeup

When food comes on a stick – I’m irrationally excited (Beauty Vixen took me the the Toronto Ex and can testify to that).  So when I see makeup in a stick form they pretty much have me at It’s a Stick! I find that packaging easier to store, carry and just honestly much more fun.

My skin has been looking blotchy, tired and dull these days and I was in desperate need of a new foundation. When I was cutting through Sephora I was interested in trying their Make No Mistake Foundation and Concealer Stick – it’s a medium coverage and comes in a stick!

Make No Mistake – According to Sephora

  • A medium- to full-coverage foundation and concealer stick with a natural matte finish.
  • Can be used as both foundation and concealer.
  • The creamy formula does not settle into fine lines and wrinkles, and the stick format is perfect for easy on-the-go application

    Make No Mistake – According to Me

    I am so happy with this foundation – it is exactly what I needed to add some life back in my appearance. The medium coverage is a perfect consistency to hide the red and unevenness of my skin. It’s also really great at helping me hide the dark circles under my eyes. It goes on really smooth and even and blends perfectly.

    I have dry skin but don’t find this product drying – however I still use a moisturizer followed by a primer as a general rule. The best part is this fantastic product is only $25 – making it not only effective but affordable!

    Literally I just woke up

    Apply like war paint then blend

    The foundation covers & blends wonderfully

    Rest of my makeup applied & I am ready for the day

    2 thoughts on “Everything is Better on a Stick – Even Makeup

    1. Out of the many foundations I have , not a single one is a stick foundation! I really like your review. I think I’ll give this one a try as it’s so easy to just throw it in my makeup bag as opposed to liquid. Great review!

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