Guest Post: Perfect Brows due to Tattooing

Thank you to my fabulous mom for writing about her experience, and showing the world how glamorous and badass you are at the same time.  You look great – and I don’t think anyone will believe you are in you 60s!

—————————————————————————————————————————————A short time ago Melissa wrote  about her experience with eye liner tattooing  by Angela WittKawartha Cosmetic Centre, George Street Peterborough Ontario (here)

Today I wanted to tell you about my experiences with Angela and eyebrow tattooing. 

As you can see my brow shapes wasn’t to bad but definitely needed something. As a “mature woman”I have more white than dark brows and either have to color or dye them…. Most often I have to do both.

Since I was so pleased with Angela’s ability, knowledge and care when I had my eyeliner tattoo done, I decided to return for my eyebrows.I believed Angela when she said it makes an incredible difference and makes your eyes “pop”. 

I was impressed with the cleanliness, professionalism and positive energy of the clinic.  It really felt like I was like meeting up with old friends.   Angela had taken the time at my previous visit to answer questions about eyebrow tattooing but she went over everything again to ensure I had all the information.

Who knew that there were so many colors, shapes and sizes of eyebrows!!!!  I really was out of my element as I knew I wanted eyebrow tattooing but had no clue as to what I wanted, but Angela let me take all the time I needed to decide.

I think the hardest part of the whole tattoo process is making the decision to do it followed by choosing the shape and color.  Once Angela made sure I was comfortable with my choice, she did threading on my brows so that she could have access to the skin.  I’ve never had threading before and thought it might hurt but there was no discomfort at all.  Once again Angela used her topical freezing mixture on my brows before beginning the tattooing. I have to say, I did have feel some “pinging and burning  but the discomfort was tolerable.   

When I was finished I was given an ice pack and a sheet of post procedure instructions was reviewed with me.  I was to call at any time with questions and to see her for touch- up at the end of August. I have to admit when she told me it would look dramatic for a few days, I didn’t get it until I looked…..all I saw was eyebrows but I LOVED the shape and the color.  I knew what she meant and I knew they would look natural as the redness reduced and my own brows mixed with them.  The redness and puffiness stayed with me for a few days, longer than with my eyeliner tattoo, but it was a small price to pay.  

It is now October and I returned to Angela to see if I needed to do a touch up. It’s hard to know the final look until the brows healed, and luckily for me they healed natural looking so there wasn’t anything to touch up.

I will never regret my decision to have eyeliner and eyebrow tattoos.  Not only is it a time saver but I now look in the mirror each morning and think…”you don’t look so bad for an old gal”.  Some days I don’t wear any make-up but my eyes look bright … and more importantly, I feel good about me.

Thank-you Angela.  You are a gifted tattoo artist and I am so glad I listened to my intuition that day in early spring and picked up the phone and talked to you.  I encourage all women sitting on the fence, or feeling a little down on themselves to do all you can to make you feel better about yourself.  Life is to short not to be lived the way you want and we deserve to take care of ourselves and feel good about who we are at any age. 

4 thoughts on “Guest Post: Perfect Brows due to Tattooing

  1. Thank you so much ladies for your kindness.
    I have to admit I took a break from social media. Your praise doesnt go without recognition and appreciation, just a little delayed in this case.

    You are both a delight and pleasure to work on.

    Thank you kindly, both of you.

    Angela Hobbs,
    Your Permanent Make-up Expert

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