Polish Made Easy with Liquid Palisade

Another item I picked up while in Paris was Liquid Palisade Easy-Peel Polish Barrier. As someone who has always struggled with applying nail polish I had high hopes for this product.


According to Kiesque

  • A fast-drying liquid nail tape that protects cuticles from stains during nail polish application.
  • Perfect for keeping your cuticles free from polish when brushing on traditional manis or water-marble designs.
  • A liquid tape designed for your nails, it features a quick-drying formula and an easy-to-use handle with a short, wide brush for instant application to cuticles.

According to Me

This works exactly like I wanted it to and I am so happy I can easily give myself home manicures! One tip is to make sure that you really remove excess cuticles and buff your nails well so you can apply it evenly. It does dry fast, but not instantly, so patience is key. I also find it easier to do 1 hand first then the other – because the liquid tape will stick together if your fingers touch.

For someone who has 0 nail art talent this is a game changer for my home beauty routine.

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