Sephora’s Wonderful Cushion Matte Lip 

While I was in Paris I of course HAD to check out the Sephora stores. I picked up a few things and one is the Wonderful Cushion Matte Lip Cream, which has quickly become my favorite lip product.

I haven’t seen it in Canada, but you can find it in the US – which means I need to do some cross boarder shopping soon!!

According to Sephora

  •  A full-coverage lip stain that comes with a cushion-tip applicator to create bold, pigmented
    looks and is made with shea butter for ultimate comfort.
  • This new shea butter-enriched formula comes with a flexible cushion applicator that enables
    you to create two ultra-trendy looks: a gradient effect gives lips a just-bitten look, and a high-
    coverage effect creates the look of fuller lips.
  • The formula offers intense color and a powdery, matte finish.

According to Me

I picked up 04 Wonderful Fushia and I love the bold pink look. It really does feel like a soft pillow when applying.

Getting the 2 looks (just-bitten and high coverage) is very easy to do. I don’t find it drying at all and get pretty good longevity out of the color. It feels like soft powder on my lips too!

I am 100% regretting not getting more of these! If you can get your hands on them I recommend you


4 Comments on “Sephora’s Wonderful Cushion Matte Lip 

  1. Oh I’ve seen these at sephora in the aisle of doom lol. I love the finish it gives.

  2. That is a pretty colour. I am glad you popped into a sephora in Paris, it would be a shame if you didn’t. I hope they bring this line to Canada at some point, I would like to check it out.

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