Tracy LaFonte, Botox & Fillers

Thank you guest blogger (and super mom) Julie for taking the time to write about her experience with Tracy, Botox and Fillers!

If 40 is the new 30 … And 30 is the new 20 … Then why at 60 do I look like 70 … But feel like 50!

I hate that my outer self does not match my inner self. I have always felt life is precious and tomorrow is not guaranteed.

Since 2006 I have suffered the loss of  my courageous giving mother,  my beloved father and father in law, three  brothers and a loved brother-in-law, as well as my favorite aunt.  I am not bitter but more aware of me, what makes me happy and how important it is to do what makes me feel and be the best I can be now and not putting things that make me happy till tomorrow.

I don’t feel old and am not ready to be old.  Technology advancement has fortunately allowed me to achieve that goal.


I am incredibly fortunate to have found Tracy Lafonte’s Skin Laser Med Spa.  The phrase “Everyone is your friend…you just haven’t met them all yet” definitely applies to Tracy.  You feel like you are visiting a friend for a girls night.  Tracy has this big bubbly personality that is larger than life, and welcomes everyone as a friend.  She is constantly educating herself and is an advanced nurse injector of Juveduerm, Botox and Restalyne.

I trusted her immediately and  there was no pressure to purchase but a desire to help you feel and look your best within your budget.  Her enthusiasm for her craft was immediately apparent. This is not just her job …it’s her passion.

Tracy Lafonte’s  web site says “with a passion for quality, service and innovation, we are committed to exceeding the expectations of our clients.  Our vision is to help and make you look and feel your best.”

In my opinion she exceeded my expectations.  I was thoroughly educated about the procedures I chose, as well as expectations during and care after the procedures.  Tracy sees everyone two weeks post procedure to make sure the desired effect was reached and will listen to concerns and repeat if you are not happy with the results.

I decided on both Botox and fillers.  I needed to erase the laugh lines on my forehead and around my eyes.  I also had wrinkles..the result from smoking in my youth.. on my upper lip. Due to age, my  face had developed the marionette lines and drooping cheeks…see pic

The Botox and fillers were relatively painless, although the upper lip does have a few more nerve endings and it did feel like an “elastic ping” at times. Tracy made sure I was aware of this but the results were definitely worth the “ ping”.

So ladies, you don’t have to leave town, suffer pain, go bankrupt or look drastic   to cheat the aging process.  As Tracy says…”The secret of beauty is between you and me”.   I am so happy with the results.  I certainly look as I feel.  Checkout her web site at or just contact the office (705-750-1050). Believe me, you won’t regret it.

3 thoughts on “Tracy LaFonte, Botox & Fillers

  1. You look great! I don’t think you look anywhere near 70 😛 Here I am at 21 with most people telling me I look and act 30 (I feel like it too!). I definitely want to get botox one day because I make a lot of faces and have already developed a few noticeable lines. I’m glad to hear the pain isn’t too bad! I hope when the time comes that I can find someone that makes me feel as comfortable as Tracy made you feel 🙂

  2. Oh are so awesome…thx❤️❤️😘I know this s a hard time for you…know that you are not alone…we are all thinking of yo

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