Get the Perfect Curl with Tweezerman!

For my birthday the wonderful Beauty Vixen gave me a Tweezerman Pro Lash Curler! I didn’t know I needed a better curler, or that my lashes could look that good, until I tried it!

According to Tweezerman

  •  The ProCurl Lash Curler featured here is the ideal design to give round eyes the perfect curl
  • 60 degree angle for round shaped eyes and effective for most eye shapes
  • Angled for ultimate leverage to get the best curl
  • Contoured finger loops for comfortable easy curling

I literally woke up – no curling, not makeup (eyeliner is a tattoo)

According to Me

I really didn’t know that my previous eyelash curlers (brands such as Revlon, Elf, Tarte) were pulling my lashes until I tried this one. NO PULLING, JUST AMAZING CURL!

It’s hard to describe but these seem firmer when closed so they don’t budge, pull, slip, etc. This is huge – and I want you all to think about this when you use whatever brand of curler you are using. Your lashes shouldn’t be falling out; your skin shouldn’t be stretched; you lashes should just look naturally curly (in an even curl).

After curling 1 time and putting 1 coat of mascara on

Show your eyelashes and eyelids some love and try out Tweezerman’s curler-you will be thankful you did.


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