Makeup Readers-I wish I had invented these!

*I was sent this product for free to review, but this in no way influences my opinion*

Anyone who wears makeup and doesn’t have perfect vision knows what a pain it is to try and put on your makeup. The makeup routine consists of part moving right up into the mirror, leaning back, squinting and praying — also a lot of cursing (or is that just me?)

So when Readers.Com reached out and asked if I wanted to review The Carrie Makeup Readers I jumped all over that! There are so many women in my life who struggle with this I couldn’t wait to see if there was finally a solution.

According to Readers.Com

  •  The Carrie has a unique design so you can use your reading magnification and apply makeup in a mirror at the same time
  • Simply switch the swiveling lens when you need to do the other eye!
  • The lens is fully magnified in powers up to +3.00

According to Me

In really wish I had invented these because it’s such a brilliant idea — and IT WORKS! They are fun, functional (not very fashionable) and so very affordable ($15.95). It’s such a simple concept that provides makeup lovers the gift of sight, accuracy and time (because you will have so much by actually being able to see what you are doing). These also will make a great gift for anyone who needs glasses and wears makeup.

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8 Responses to Makeup Readers-I wish I had invented these!

  1. Amy Sousa says:

    That’s such an amazing idea!!! I don’t wear glasses, but I know people who do would definitely appreciate these!

  2. OMG how amazing are these – I need them.

  3. teanailpolish says:

    I saw something similar in the summer and meant to go back to pick them up. I am often stumbling around trying to find my makeup stuff without my glasses

  4. dayana says:

    That is such a cool product!!! I’ve never seen anything like it before. Sounds so handy.

  5. Danielle says:

    Probably would give me more of a headache than just sitting with my face up to the mirror as I have a pretty strong script AND astigmatism, but I do love innovative products like this!

  6. Oh how awesome!! I saw these on a youtube video. great post!

  7. I saw these awhile ago and I wondered if they actually worked! Glad to know you like them, great post!

    Catherine | Beauty by Catherine

  8. Amber Desilets says:

    oh my idea ever.. I want one hehe

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