Joe Fresh = Fresh Face

My skin issues aren’t too bad. I have dry skin, but not too many blemishes. My biggest concern is the dark circles under my eyes. I only require a light pigment foundation to even out my skin tone and something to cover up the evidence of my sleep deprivation.

Having good luck with Joe Fresh products before I thought why not try out the Illuminating Concealer and the Daily Boost Fluid Foundation.

Illuminating Concealer 

This is an OK concealer, but not my favorite. I wish it had a bit more coverage. It blends great but absorbs into the skin quickly. It’s good for the days when I have caught up on my sleep, but I need more coverage most of the time. Also if I have a blemish this doesn’t do the trick at all. There are better concealers on the market, so I can’t really recommend picking this product up.

Daily Boost Fluid Foundation

According to Joe Fresh it “contains Anti-Oxidents Hydrating Dewy Finish Enriched with anti-oxidents and hyaluronic acid and helps to boost skin’s moisture, leaving dewy, hydrated-looking skin.”

Unlike the concealer I really like this foundation. As I stated above I don’t require a lot of coverage so this is perfect for me. It allows me to even out my skin tone without looking like I have makeup on. It’s moisturizing enough that I don’t feel my skin drying out. Products blend really well into it making my morning makeup routine a breeze. The quality and price point make this product a win for me. However if you require heavier coverage it probably won’t be the best option for you.

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