Brace Yourself – the Holiday Season is Coming!

It’s that time of year again in Toronto – the cold has arrived, the skies are grey, the daylight is short … oh and the holidays are around the corner.

As I am writing this it is Black Friday – the stores are packed, holiday music is blaring and my anxiety continues to rise (fellow anxiety sufferers we really need to start a holiday season support group – I’ll bring the wine!).


This is me showing off my Jacqueline Kent Scarf picked up on  black Friday Shopping spree fat the Village Card & Gift Shoppe in Bowmanville

My family is busy scheduling holiday plans, the holiday parties are getting booked in the calendar,  I have no idea what to get everyone – oh and I still work full-time and am working towards a masters degree.

All this to say that for the next 2 months I tend to burn the candles at both ends, get pulled in a million directions and often end up in bed for 3 days sick (once I have the time to even acknowledge my body’s resistance to the holiday craziness).


Jaqueline Kent Santa reminding me Christmas is around the corner

However that is my past experience – this year I am going to stand firm and saying no more – my SELF CARE COMES FIRST!

Here are my vows to myself to allow myself to stay sane this holiday season, get everything I need done and also enjoy myself:

  1. Sleep: Sunday – Thursday I will be in bed, with lights out by 11:30pm.
    • I don’t wake until 7:15am so that gives me enough time to get rest
    • My tips for evenings/mornings:
      • Plan dinners for the week
      • Cook easy to reheat meals on Sundays and plunk them in the freezer (crockpots are essential for the winter)
      • Pick out my outfit the night before and hang on the back of the door
      • Make my lunch for work right after cleaning up from dinner
      • 20161020_234431289_ios
  2. Exercise: I have scheduled 45min of exercise 3 days a week
    • I schedule myself to hit the gym right when I get home from work (we have a gym in our building – otherwise I would go straight from work)
    • I do not allow myself any excuses – even if I am not feeling up to it I get changed and go telling myself I can just walk on the treadmill (by the time I get there I do my regular workout)


      All by myself at the gym

  3. Relaxation: I have a bubble bath every evening
    • Love Avon’s bubble bath or the Body Shop’s Bath Tea
    • This also helps me get in a sleepy zone for vow #1
    • 20161127_232003144_iOS.jpg
  4. Eating Well: I need to eat good to feel good
    • By packing a lunch for work and planning/making meals in advance I reduce snacking and eating out
    • Chefs Plate has really helped to up our healthy eating game
    • I make sure I have something to eat every 3-4 hours so that I don’t get hangry
    • 20161121_022346280_iOS.jpg

      Mmmm, Chefs Plate

  5. Hydration: Often the root cause of hunger, headaches and negative thoughts/behaviours
    • I got myself a S’Well water bottle and carry it with me all the time. I don’t mind having to lug a liquid around when it’s in a stylish bottle!
    • I love fizzy water so I got a Soda Stream so that I never run out of bubbly hydration (and the S’Well bottle keeps it fizzy for the day)
    • 20161127_231353843_iOS.jpg

Curious to see what tips and vow you have made, or plan to make, to yourself over the holiday season or into the New Year. Leave your comments and ideas on the blog or feel free to tweet me at @maldham

Stay safe, cheerful and kind this holiday season!

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