You are what you eat – my review of Nordstrom’s Bazille Restaurant

As excited as I am that Nordstroms’s has come to Toronto for the shopping, a happy by-product of this is the amazing restaurants that they have. I was at Yorkdale Shopping Centre and went to Nordstrom’s Bazille Restaurant. They have an amazing menu with really reasonable prices.


I love the idea that in shopping centres they have proper restaurants, with quality meals at decent prices. In order for us to feel our best and look our best we have to eat good food. We have to stop spending our money on food court food or fast food and start eating real food! My only concern with Bazille is that they add a lot of salt to their recipes. If you aren’t into salty food (like me) be sure to ask if they can reduce how much salt they put on your order.

My favourite dish by far from what we tried with the Crab Bisque – I literally fell in love with it. I ate it so fast that I didn’t even remember to snap a photo (it was that good). It’s been weeks and I still can’t wait to go back and eat it again. If you find yourself in Yorkdale you will thank yourself by picking up a cup or bowl or it.


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