Burberry Full Kisses

I was so lucky to win 2 Burberry Full Kisses lipsticks from a Twitter contest hosted by the fabulous Dave Lackie. I was so excited to get the Military Red and Lilac colors – because I am currently obsessed with reds and purples!


According to Burberry

  • Fuller-looking lips
  • Bold, long-lasting color in one stroke
  • Designed to hug every contour of the lip
  • Unique flat-top bullet follows every curve as it draws, effortlessly defining, shaping and enhancing
  • Mistake-proof and ideal for on-the go application
  • Luminous color lasting up to 8 hours

According to me

I love these lipsticks. Burberry didn’t lie when they said that they are bold, luminous  colors. They are definitely statement lipsticks – and I have been loving them. One coat is more than enough to get your lips to pop with color.

I find them to be rich and moisturizing which is great for the hot summer we have been having. They are probably one of the easier lipsticks to apply (not that I really find any lip color challenging).

The only claim I disagree with is long-lasting. Sorry Burberry – I don’t get 8 hours of the the color. I do find I need to re-apply regularly. But they are so nice and easy to apply that I don’t mind.






1 thought on “Burberry Full Kisses

  1. Thx. I’m in the market for new lipstick and like you need that moisturizer
    I don’t mind reapplying eithe so I will try this. Thanks once again for your honest trusting review

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