Dr. Roebucks Cleansing Wipes and Hydrating Serum

I posted a couple of weeks ago I posted about my time at the Dr. Roebuck launch party (check it out here).  I was lucky enough to get sent home with some natural cleansing wipes, ultimate hydrating serum, reverse aging serum and face day/night lotion to test out. Having never tried the brand before, and not really knowing what to expect, I can honestly state that I am pleasantly surprised at how great these products are.


For this post I am going to talk about 2 products: the natural cleansing wipes and the ultimate hydrating serum.

Natural Cleansing Wipes – According to Dr. Roebuck

  • Hydrating Antioxidant wipes that come infused with active ingredients to purify the skin and remove all traces of makeup, impurities and excess oil
  • Price is $15.95 available September 15, 2016

Natural Cleansing Wipes – According to Me

I always have mixed feeling about cleansing wipes – I don’t find them very practical for my skin care routine. As a cleansing wipe, these work really well – however I didn’t find them spectacular when compared to other brands.

What is good to point out is that they are much more moisturizing/gentler on the skin. So I think if you are a regular user of cleansing wipes that might make a noticeable difference.

I’m heading to New York in a few weeks, which I understand will be very hot. I think for gym and travel to keep the skin cool and sweat free (because the more I sweat the more likely I am to break out) I will be grateful to have these on me.

Ultimate hydrating serum – According to Dr. Roebuck

  • A concentrated formula of active ingredients to boost your skin for maximum hydration\
  • All serums are infused with a powerful base: CN Youth Molecule – which is a blend of Carnosine, Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Vitamin E to restore and boost your skin
  • CN Youth Molecule base increase skin collagen production, improves the appearance of sun damage, reduces the density of deep wrinkles and increases skin hydration
  • Price is $79.95 available September 15

Ultimate hydrating serum – According to Me

I am in love with this serum! After using is daily for the past couple of weeks my skin is crazy soft and smooth. It’s a thick serum, and you need to let it rest a few moments to absorb before continuing with lotion. My skin is so moisturized and looks and feels amazing. I even think some of my fine lines are less visible.

If I was to only pick 1 Dr. Roebuck product this would most definitely be the one I choose.

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