Quo 2016 Mascara Line Up

Back in April I was invited to Quo’s Sweet 16 event to celebrate their 16th birthday and check out the 2016 line. This week I am going to write about my experience with 3 eyelash products, Quo’s  Effortless Curl MascaraPrep My Lash Primer and Holy Grail mascara.


According to Quo – Effortless Curl Mascara

  • With just one sweep, curl, lengthen and volumize your lashes
  • A rich and creamy mascara that will give you glamourous lashes without being sticky or clumpy

According to Quo – Prep My Lash Primer

  • Get your lashes ready for mascara with this creamy lash primer
  • Apply before mascara to help define, curl and lengthen your lashes

According to Me

If you are looking for products that will curl your lashes, I’m sad to say that this one won’t do. Ladies – we are still in need of our eyelash curlers.

HOWEVER, if you are in need of a super awesome mascara and lash primer then I am happy to say that the Effortless Curl is great – especially combined with the Primer. Neither of them clump or flake off which is amazing. My lashes are naturally long, but when I use these products they look unreal.

Unfortunately I don’t have the same kind words for the Holy Grail mascara. I find that it is really clumpy. I also don’t like the want very much – it pools at the tip. So for me this is a product to pass on – there are way better products out there.


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