Mankind Grooming Studio for Men

As women we are lucky in the sense that there are so many options for our personal grooming needs – hair salons, nail salons, spas, etc. It’s not that men are not welcome in these establishments – but they are definitely marketed to women.

Enter Mankind Grooming Studio for Men! This place is 100% marketed towards men who want to take care of themselves but aren’t comfortable in the “girly” establishments that many of us ladies frequent.

Mankind covers lots of services for our guys – hair, shaves, foot detailing (because we couldn’t call it a manicure), facials, etc. (see list here).

Gentleman – you need to take care of your hair, face and skin just like we do. Ladies – if you need a gift for your guy try treating him to a visit. They use quality products and have really fun atmosphere. Pampering yourself isn’t gender specific – so if you are or know a man who is squeamish about facials and pedicures then this is the place to try out.

Mankind just had a #ditchthedisposabletoronto event at the Queen Street West location. Below are some photos of the event.

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