TRESemmé Beauty-Full Volume Hair Line

I was one of a group of lucky bloggers who were sent product’s from the TRESemmé Full-Beauty Volume line to try out. I was so excited when my package arrived because my hair was getting so dull and lifeless. Really the winter is just terrible for my skin, hair and personality!

 I was given the following products to test out: Pre-Wash Conditioner, Volume Shampoo, Volume and Softness Hair Maximizer

Pre-Wash Conditioner – According to TRESemeé

  • Designed to be used before you shampoo, to leave hair smooth and polished but still full of bounce
  • Bounce-friendly formulation, with Fleximax™ Volumizers and Fiber Polishing Actives, bind to the cuticle to leave hair smooth and polished, even after you shampoo

Pre-Wash Conditioner – According to Me

It took me a bit to get the idea of conditioning BEFORE I wash. After 30+ years of shampoo then condition going the other way was challenging to wrap my head around.

Other than mixing up my routine I do find this to be a pretty good conditioner. If you have super dry/damaged hair, it’s probably not enough for you – but for a lightweight conditioner this is really good.

Volume Shampoo – According to TRESemeé

  • Designed to come after the Pre-Wash Conditioner to wash away weight
  • Hair gets the conditioning it needs to feel smooth and silky, but maintains the bounce it needs to look fabulously full
  • Unique formulation, with Fleximax™ Volumizers, helps control static and flyaways, infusing your hair with volume and leaving it prepped for styling

Volume Shampoo – According to Me

I think my favorite item of this line is the shampoo. It lathers so well – which is one of my  requirements of shampoo (otherwise I just don’t feel like my hair is getting clean). It’s not drying on my hair and rinses away leaving no residue.

The combination of this with the pre-wash conditioner really does make a wonderful impact on hair volume, shine and overall appearance.

Volume and Softness Hair Maximizer  – According to TRESemeé

  • Lets you have hair that’s got bounce and body, but still feels soft
  • Unique formula with Fleximax™ Volumizers create flexible bonds between the hair fibers, giving your style natural volume and movement
  • Lightweight cream with Fiber Polishing Actives smoothes the cuticle to leave hair silky and polished

Volume and Softness Hair Maximizer  – According to Me

The Maximizer cream is super light weight and is the perfect closing part of this routine. I wouldn’t go so far as to call it a styling cream – so it won’t replace your gel, spray, mousse or whatever you use.

However for every day hair that just needs a bit of product to keep you from looking like you were electrocuted (I know it’s not just me) this is great. It keeps my locks in place without really looking for feeling like I have any product in my hair at all.


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