Joe Fresh Cosmetics

I am so excited that Joe Fresh Beauty has arrived in Shoppers Drug Mart!! When I was waiting for my hair appointment I decided to check out the line — and of course walked away with the Hydra Lash Nourishing Mascara with Argan Oil,  Tinted Brow Fix and Matte Liquid Eyeliner.


Mascara – According to Joe Fresh

  • Paraben Free Enriched with Argan Oil for nourished, softer-looking lashes
  • Hydrating Argan Oil formula conditions and softens the lashes
  • Silicone brush coats lashes with the hydrating benefits from root to tip
  • The result is the appearance of nourished, clump free lashes

Mascara – According to me

This is a GREAT mascara!! I am lucky in the sense that I have naturally long thick lashes – so I haven’t really had to think much or put much effort into the mascaras that I use. HOWEVER now that I have found this – I think I might found my new favourite and go-to mascara.

I find that there is absolutely NO clumping – at all. I also find that my lashes don’t stick together, don’t look “cakey”. The brush is one of the best ones I have used in a mascara. Really does coat the whole last. And the price (about $12) is outstanding.

Tinted Brow Fix – According to Joe Fresh

  • Long Wear Even and Soft Application Paraben Free Colour, Shape and Hold

Tinted Brow Fix – According to me

Brow make-up are things that I desperately need in my life- so I am always excited to try new products. The closest comparison I have to Joe Fresh’s Tinted Brow Fix is Benefit’s Gimme Brow Eyebrow Gel. Both are really great products – but the Joe Fresh one is at a cheaper price point – which my wallet loves!

Matte Liquid Liner – According to Joe Fresh

  • Mattifying Long Wear Smudge Proof Paraben Free

Matte Liquid Liner – According to Me

I love that this is a matte liner that dries fast but doesn’t flake off during the day. The only think I would change about it is that the brush could be ‘sturdier’ — but that also could be because I am used to using liquid eyeliner pens.

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