Kitty Kisses by Paul & Joe

I am a crazy cat lady – and I am not afraid to admit it worldwide! So when I saw that there was cat shaped lipstick by Paul & Joe, I couldn’t help myself but grab it. I mean who doesn’t want lipstick in the shape of a cat?  

According to Paul & Joe

  • 3 sumptuous lipsticks in rich delicious tones
  • the silhouette of a chat de cafe that reappears with each application

According to me

I’m afraid to say that this isn’t a very good lipstick. It is moisturizing but it isn’t rich in colour and doesn’t seem to last very long. I was a bit disappointed.

To get the best effects I find I need a really good lipliner (I use Makeup Forever’s aqua lip).

As much as I am disappointed about the quality of the kitty lipstick I still love packaging. It’s so cute !!

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