Oh eyebrows – why are you still holding me accountable for the poor 90’s style? I’m sorry I over plucked you – but seriously pencil thin brows were a THING!

I am still trying to grow in my brows … and they are still really upset for the excessive tweezing my 90’s self subjected them to. I don’t know if anyone else’s eyebrows refuse to grow in at a reasonable rate – but it is a slow process for me.

Luckily there are many many options in the cosmetics industry that can help us ‘fake it until we make it’. If I was allowed (which I am not apparently) I could  spend a small fortune on eyebrow makeup alone!

Fortunately for my bank account Maybelline has a terrific product – Brow Define and Fill Duo – which is all I need to fake fuller brows


According to Maybelline

  • Defining Wax Pencil to shape brows
  • Filling Powder to finish brows
  • 12 hour wear
  • For best results: 1) Define and set brows with the defining pencil, using short, light strokes and 2) Fill brows using filling powder, following along natural brow contour

According to me

Right now this is my top brow product – I use it daily! It lasts all day at work, and even through my workouts. Looks natural and really easy to use. Also only having to use 1 product makes it so much easier to toss in my makeup bag and go (but really it lasts all day so I don’t need to take it anywhere. The price point is perfect – about $10 – so you can’t go wrong!

For brows the proof is in the pudding (or so they say) so check out the before and after photo to check out.

If you are a brow expert please share any tips or tricks to create fuller brows or even to get them to grow out naturally!







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