Perla Coco – Whiten Teeth with Coconut Oil

I was given Perla Coco to do a 14 day whitening regime. My teeth were already pretty white but I was in need of something to help combat the coffee and red wine stains. So when Perla Coco reached out to me and asked if I wanted to try it I was definitely intrigued.

Daily packs of Perla Coco

Daily packs of Perla Coco

I really like the daily packages – mostly because I am too lazy to try and measure anything out. Before brushing your teeth you just open the package, swish the contents through your teeth (for 5-15min), spit out (in the garbage because it’s oil and will clog your sinks). Then rinse, brush, floss and BAM – happy mouth and teeth.

According to Perla Coco

  • PerlaCoco has created an enjoyable experience that yields far more benefits than the investment involved. PerlaCoco has created a 100% Natural Oral product consisting of a flavored coconut oil twist leaving your mouth clean and refreshed.
  • PerlaCoco helps whiten teeth, clear gingivitis, removes bad breath along with many more benefits. Reward your mouth by adding PerlaCoco to your morning routine!

According to me

The first thing I had to get passed was the texture – I am sensitive to thicker textures and man is it thick at first. But after a swish or 2  it thins out and is not as troubling for me. By Day 3 I was a pro and totally over the starting thickness.

The mint flavour totally leaves your mouth feeling dentist visit clean – which I love. I think my breath was better just because I used this for the 14 days. I did it at bedtime and when I woke up didn’t have that horrible morning breath/mouth feeling.

At the end of 14 days I did have noticeably whiter teeth – and I was a bit spectacle going into the process. And I could only mange to do 5-7 min of Perla Coco before spitting it out. I wonder how white they would have gotten had I sucked it up and did the full 15min?

If you have really stained teeth I think you need to visit a dentist for professional whitening. However if you are like me and have pretty white teeth but just need some help with minor discolouration I think this is a great product. I like it better than the other over the counter whiteners – and feel better because  it is all natural.

No filter, but do admit the lighting is better in the after.


No filter - but better lighting than the before

After 14 days of using Perla Coco

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