Luxurious – The only way to describe Guerlain’s holday line

I always feel very fortunate to get invited to spend some time with Guerlain and learn about their products – which are always amazing! So when I got the invite to some to teh 4 Season’s to listen to Maxime  Poulin (super talented international beauty artist and Guerlain Art Team member) talk about the fall/winter trends and the new line coming out for the holidays I did a mini happy dance.

The trend this winter will be an angelic fact – so we can pu away our matte red lips and defined liner and brows for a bit. Soft and feminine is back – along with gloss. I can’t describe how thrilled I am for the return of lip gloss!!

Maxime demonstrating the look on a beautiful mode

Guerlain Christmas Collection (Coming November 1, 2015)

1. Meterorites enchanted snowflakes – Light Enhancing Powder

  • Retails for $89
  • Packaging is to die for – looks like a christmas tree bulb
  • provides a soft iridecent finish
  • If you are a fan of meteroites you wlil definitely want to add this to your collection!

img_1018-0 (1) 2. Terracotta collector – classic bronzing powder

  • Retails for $64
  • Luxurious packaging – you will want to pull it out for touch ups just to show it off!

bronzer (1) 3. Palette Ors Et Merveilles – Eyes and Blush Palette

  • Retails at $95
  • 5 iridescent shadows, 2 matte bluses and 2 pearlescent blushes
  • Great kit to toss in your purse and run from holiday party to holiday party – all while looking flawless
  • The colors will work for almost everyone of almost every age

bronzer (1) 4. Rouge G – 867 Mervielleux Rose – Exceptional Complete Lip Colour

  • Retails at $56
  • Holy crap the packaging is nice. Little mirror in the lipstick lid — thank you !
  • Again I need to rave about how pretty the case is
  • Also the lipstick is really rich and moisturizing. Perfect for a winter pout

img_1018-0 (1)

5. Meteroites Voyage Enchante – Skin-Perfecting Illuminating Matte Powder

  • Retails at $214
  • Universal translucent shade for all skin tones
  • This is one of my top picks of the  collection – it’s the most expensive so it’s on my holiday wish list
  • The packaging is pure luxury – and you can refill it with another powder when it’s done
  • Very light powder that is not drying at all. Perfect for my super dry skin

img_1018-0 (2) 6. Maxi Velvet and Gloss D’Enfer

  • Retails at $34 each
  • The Maxi Velvet gloss is rich with color but didn’t have that sticky feel
  • The Closs D’Enfer is a must have for me. I will be in line Nov. 1 to get it – I just love it so much.
  • Together as a base and top coat you won’t need anything else on your lips this winter.

 7. La Laque Couleur-903 Nuit Merveilleuse

  • Retails at $29
  • this magnetic purple shade will be the colour of winter 2015 – that’s my prediction
  • you could really get away with 1 coat – it’s that great

I am very excited about the Guerlain winter 2015 collection. Luxury is how I describe it. I know not all the products are at everyone’s price point so if you add to you Christmas wish list now you will be happy to unwrap any of the products – I promise.

Below are some photos I took at the event.


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