Loving Liquid Liner

I love liquid liner – other than a few rare occasions it’s what I wear. I love the bold look and just really feel sexy when I put it on.

What I hate is some of the brushes or tips! Liquid liner is troublesome enough to get both eyes to match and make it look amazing so when the brush or tip isn’t firm and precise it makes me crazy. I don’t have time for that – especially since I am barely functional in the mornings and don’t get my first cup of coffee until I get into the office.

So when I say Almay’s intense i-color liquid eyeliner in black pearl on sale I couldn’t stop myself (not that I tried) from picking it up.


According to Almay

  • play up your eye color with dramatic, contrasting color! high-impact liquid eyeliner defines your eyes with precise, bold color. easy to use applicator glides on smoothly and evenly.

According to me

  • I love the color for the day. Dark black sometimes is a bit too much for the work day (especially when I am trying to pull off a bold lip) so this lighter black pearl works perfectly.
  • The tip of the applicator goes glide easily, precisely and smoothly
  • Decent price point for a quality product


I absolutely plan to purchase more of this product (and in the different colors) to add to my makeup collection!

My Friday face with Almay intense i color black pearl liquid liner

1 thought on “Loving Liquid Liner

  1. Great post! I found your blog from the AlmayCanada Twitter account! I’m not a big fan of liquid liner but I might just have to try this one- it looks great on you! I also have a blog! I’d love for you to check it out! 🙂

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