Step-by-Step Contour Stick Trio – Not my favorite Smashbox product

I have a love/hate relationship with contouring. I love it when it works out because I look awesome, I hate that to do it properly it’s somewhat time consuming (considering I wake up 30min before I am supposed to be at work). As a general rule I am happy with Smashbox products so I thought I would pick up their Step-by-Step Contour Stick Trip.  Now I don’t hate it as much as some others I know, but to be honest I am really really disappointed with the quality. Not what I would expect from Smashbox at all!

According to Smashbox

  • We’ve made it easy to put your best face forward with three shades that mimic perfect lighting:
    • Contour: A darker shade that sculpts by creating shadows
    • Highlight: A light shade that pulls features forward
    • Bronze: A transition shade that eliminates harsh lines by blending the contour and highlight shades
  • The result? To-die-for features—from defined cheekbones to a perfected nose to a sculpted jawline.
  • It’s a cult favorite—reimagined! We’ve heard time and again that pro artists can’t live without our palette of contour powders. Now there’s a new form to love—creamy sticks!

According to me

  • Very very creamy. Almost too creamy. I feel like it melts every time I use it
  • The colors are very warm, I can make it work with my skin tone but others might not be able to
  • The creamy texture does make it very easy to blend
  • Terrible to try and resharpen, you end up wasting most of the product
  • I like the 3 colors of contouring – helps to make it look natural
  • I do like any makeup in the stick – easy to carry around

Overall this is a pass for me – I would not recommend buying it and would certainly not purchase it again. There are so many better contouring products on the market. I don’t hate it enough to return it (but I hate going back to return anything) but can understand why others might do so.


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