Dry hands in the winter are the worst

I have terribly dry hands to begin with – and the winter months make it even worse.  After continuous ranting to the boy about the status of my hands he picked some Almond Hand & Nail Cream for me at The Body Shop.

According to the Body Shop

This effective daily hand cream cares for nails as well as hands and contains two manicurist’s essentials: sweet almond oil and panthenol. Moisturizing Conditions nails Sweet almond scent.

According to me

This is a great hand lotion! I have been carrying it around in my purse and apply it whenever I wash my hands or they feel dry.  This lotion is great for day use as it’s not overly thick or greasy.

For days where my hands get crazy dry I still need to do a more intense moisturizing treatment.

My nails and hands are very happy since I have been using this.


4 thoughts on “Dry hands in the winter are the worst

  1. Haven’t tried this but have used the hemp hand cream (and don’t like it that much). I find TBS hand products to be okay but like you mentioned when hands are crazy dry, I need something more intense. what do you use when you need something that provides more hydration?

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