Miracle 10 – Ten Day Challenge

I was fortunate enough to received an invite to a Bloggers event at The Plastic Surgery Clinic to talk about beauty trends and tips – and of course the Miracle 10 Skin Care Line.  It was a fantastic evening (see some photos below).







I was given a great skin care consultation, a recommended Miracle 10 regime as well as product to take home and try out.  I decided to try the Miracle 10 challenge (10 days) as the website claims that after 10 days discolouration and dullness will improve.

The product I used for the 10 days was: Miracle 10 Cleanser 1, Miracle 10 Toner, Miracle 10 AHA Cream (night use only), and Miracle 10 Light Serum.



I really like the products.  The cleanser feels like a gel, There’s a clean/fresh smell to all of the products.  At first I felt a slight burn to AHA but after daily use I didn’t notice it.
The more I used the regime my skin felt clean and smooth, I notice visible tightness/reduction of wrinkles and fine lines.  My skin cleared up and discolouration did start to fade (minus those ugly brown spots under my eyes that I think I will never be able to fix without serious intervention).  My expectations were definitely exceeded and from my skin results the Miracle 10 claims seem to be true.
Overall this is a really great line – the only down side is that it is not a cheap line.  If  you have the budget for it, this line is definitely worth the investment.  I like it much better than other comparably priced lines (i.e. Arbonne or Clarins).
I have posted below a picture of each day of the 10 days.  Be warned, they are super unflattering and do not do the results of the product justice.  Nonetheless I have posted.  Trust me when I say my skin is clearer, cleaner and feels super soft and moisturized.

Day 1


Day 2


Day 3


Day 4


Day 5


Day 6


Day 7


Day 8


Day 9


Day 10


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