Essence crystal eyeliner

As I get older it gets a bit harder to apply a bit of sparkle and shine to my look without looking like an old fart trying to look young or a cougar scouting out younger men.  Since that’s not really the look I’m going for when I find a product that gives me a bit of sparkle without trying to hard I get excited.

So I was thrilled when I walked by the Essence Cosmetics shelf and saw the Crystal Eyeliners!  I picked up Twinky Starlight, Black Star and Flashy Aqua.



According to Essence:

  • Sparkling moments… the long-lasting, gel-based texture of the crystal eyeliner with a high pigmentation creates amazing and luxurious glittering eyeliner styles!
  • If you’re going for amazing wow-highlights, the eyeliner can be used as a topping on your lashes, too!
  • The brush applicator guarantees an accurate application.
  • Available in a cool clubbing packaging.

According to me:

This sheer liner adds a subtle hint of sparkle and shine to an every day look.  It goes on really well over top of my liquid liner and dries fast.  I’m not sure if I was still in my early twenties I would want something so subtle but for this stage of my life this is perfect.  


For the price and the quality these are a fun way to help spice up your eyes (and yes I wore it to work today).  I definitely suggest trying them out!

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