3 Month Follow-Up: Philosophy Micro Exfoliating Treatment

In November I wrote a post raving about Philosophy’s Micro Exfoliating Treatment (here).  A lovely blogger and woman, Meredith, asked me to do a 3 month follow up to  see if it still held my heart strings as it did during the first month.

Well everyone – IT CERTAINLY DOES!

Not all of us are in the fortunate position to be able to afford regular facials at the spa.  Our skin deserves to be loved too – even if our bank accounts don’t exactly agree.  This is why this product is great!  It’s spa quality love for your skin that you can do weekly at home.

After 3 months my skin is even, soft, smooth, hydrated and I haven’t been fighting blemishes like I had been.

I 100% recommend trying this out!

My old post has my previous pics – but here is my face, makeup free (urgh don’t judge) after 3 months of Philosophy Micro Exfoliating Treatment love.


3 thoughts on “3 Month Follow-Up: Philosophy Micro Exfoliating Treatment

  1. Interesting….

    most people do not put my name and ‘lovely’ together

    I may check this out. I have trouble with philosophy products-they really dry my skin out. I can’t afford facials on a regular basis either (especially now but that’s a long story). I prefer a professional to give me an exfoliating treatment just because of my lack of skills but am not averse to a bit of DIY. Thanks for the update! Your skin looks clear and smooth in the photo!

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