Avon MEGA Effects Mascara

I’m not blessed in a lot of ways – I’m short, gain weight thinking about it, can’t pull off many of the fashion styles … but what I did get to make up for some short comings (pun not intended) was super long lashes.  Sometimes people ask me if they are fake.

So I love playing them up – and when my colleague, who also sells Avon gave me Avon’s Mega Effects mascara in black because she wanted to see how crazy long my lashes would look I literally jumped up and down in glee.




According to the website:

  • The first ever WONDERBRUSH mascara – TRANSFORMS lashes from corner to corner
  • This mascara brush does what no wand can – it combs through lashes easily to put 40% more mascara to lash without clumping
  • It’s adjustable too, so it bends to any angle to reach every lash, top to bottom
  • The ergonomic brush is designed for comfort and fits the natural shape of your lashes. It delivers panoramic volume for lashes that look darker, denser and more dramatic for 24 hours.

According to Me:

  • LOVE IT!  The brush gives you control and allow you to get every single lash
  • No clumping!
  • Great to add definition to your lower lashes (and make your eyes pop)
  • Hate trying to put the lid on … not easy but maybe that’s because I’m uncoordinated

All in all I would recommend buying this product.  It’s awesome!


No Mascara


With Mascara

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